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Consumer Electronics

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Besides Automotive Electronics, I've also worked on some Consumer Electronic products as well.


I was an angel investor in, and Director of Product Development for, SafetyMate, a medical electronic device startup. SafetyMate developed an interactive, bi-lingual, talking First Aid assistive device supporting either trained or untrained first responders in emergency medical situations.  I oversaw the development, release, and manufacture of two versions, one for Commercial users, and a second for Consumers, the first version of which was targeted at new parents. Elsewhere on this site is a brief video of it debuting on the TODAY SHOW.


SafetyMate was acquired by DC Safety.  Click on the VIDEO to see a demo.





















As an amateur musician and guitarist from childhood, and growing up knowing both renowned guitarist, Adrian Belew, and pickup wizard, Seymour Duncan, I have always had an interest in guitars and effects.  I purchased a product called JangleBox for my own use.  I loved it, but discovered I might offer some improvements to it, and contacted the manufacturer.  They engaged me to help create and release the JangleBox Silver version shown. Click on the Button for a video demo to see/hear it in action. 

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