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Unistar Auto Visor

I assisted Silicon Valley startup Unistar in the development of a patented automated sun visor system featuring a sensor to measure the angle of sunlight coming into the vehicle. A small motorized visor is then automatically positioned between the driver's eyes and the sun via a track around the headliner. The visor actively moves as you drive.  Magna contracted us to build a prototype into a Durango Show vehicle which is demonstrated in this brief video.

VisualThreat Cybersecurity Demo

In this video I am presenting for client VisualThreat at a joint Silicon Valley Auto Tech Council/Telecom Council event.   I served as advisor and consultant to VisualThreat and assisted in the development of Cybersecurity penetration testing tools, the hacking demo you see in the video, and in the definition of products and services offered by the company.

Jatech Drop Door Prototypes

Jactech evolved from Joalto Design.  The inventor engaged me to help redesign the custom controls for his patented drop door system to solve reliability problems that plagued the initial design.  I managed the redesign that was implemented on the first static buck demo (shown in the video), which was carried over into the production of several working prototypes built into Lincoln Mk XIII vehicles as shown here.

SafetyMate Featured on TODAY SHOW

I served as an angel investor in, and Director of Product Development for, SafetyMate, a consumer medical first aid assistance device. SafetyMate provided interactive, verbal first responder assistance for most common medical emergencies in English and Spanish as demonstrated briefly in this clip.

This award winning product was selected by NBC TODAY SHOW producers as one of the most innovative new products out of thousands at the Intl. Housewares Show.  See more about SafetyMate elsewhere on this website.

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