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Vehicle Data Downloads

I have the latest tools to download and analyze stored vehicle data from Event or Crash Data Recorders (EDRs/CDRs) from many vehicle makes & models (now including Tesla).  In some cases data can be accessed directly via the vehicle Diagnostic Logic Connector (DLC). Data can also be accessed directly from the Airbag Control Module (ACM).  This is often necessary if the vehicle is heavily damaged.  At times, removal of the ACM from the vehicle may be advisable.

I also have capabilities to extract and analyze raw data stored in onboard FLASH memories where OEM tools may not be supported or available.  This can be useful if the vehicle pre-dates OEM crash data support.  Or, this method may be necessary to access data stored within GPS, Navigation, Telematics, Diagnostics, or other vehicle (or even off-board or cloud) devices and systems.

I can also monitor, log, capture, and analyze in-vehicle network traffic (such as CAN bus, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Freeze Frame Data, and more).

Owner consent, or court order may be required to access such data (requirements vary by state).  Admissibility of certain types of digital evidence may be subject to restriction or exclusion.

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