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Patents & Intellectual Property

In patent matters, I have experience with the following:

  • Infringement/Non-infringement

  • Validity/Invalidity


  • Prior art

  • Claim construction

  • Patent review 

  • Patent development

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis as Automotive Electronics Subject Matter Expert

  • Non Practicing Entity situations 

  • I work for both Plaintiffs and Defendants

In other IP matters, I have provided merger/acquisition due diligence support for:

  • Automotive subject matter expert in the analysis of a large portfolio of patents (1,000+) for acquisition by a large offshore auto manufacturer.

  • Blackstone spinout of TRW Automotive​ (the largest private equity acquisition ever at the time >$4.7B).

  • Thomson CSF identification & evaluation of auto electronic acquisition candidates

  • a proposed joint US/off-shore acquisition of auto electronics vendor Stoneridge

  • other proposed auto tech acquisitions 

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