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I am a "car guy".  Since a child, I've been focused on cars...of all types.  I pursued an education in Electrical/Electronic engineering, and went directly into a career involving the Auto Industry with a focus on electronics & tech.  I've restored cars, I've raced cars (winning 3 championships).  I've served as a high performance driving instructor.  I've designed and analyzed complex systems for cars, and most of all, I UNDERSTAND CARS. I also understand their faults and how to find, fix, test, and prevent them.

I grew up in Northern KY, graduated from University of Cincinnati, and Univ. of KY.  I also attended Northern Illinois University for graduate work.  I've worked at Motorola Automotive Division, was Director of Automotive at National Semiconductor and at Intel Corp.  I was VP of Product Development at Zemco (automotive), and part owner of Quantic Industries (airbag initiators).  I reside in California's Silicon Valley since 1978.  I created the first dedicated automotive laboratory at a Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturer while at National Semiconductor.

I now have more than 45 years direct experience with just about every electronic system within vehicles.  Since 1986, I've been consulting and serving as an expert in various matters involving automotive and consumer electronics.  I've worked for start-up's to Fortune 100 companies.  I've worked on standards development, design & review, manufacturing, patents, IP, copyrights, artist royalties, patent infringement, validity, and due diligence.  I work for both Plaintiffs, and Defendants.   I've worked as a forensic investigator on product liability, class actions, injury, wrongful death, and even murder cases that involve auto tech. The PBS film crew above invited me to discuss and demonstrate cyber vulnerabilities in connected vehicles.

So, whatever your situation, if it involves Automotive Electronics, I can very likely help you with your needs.   I urge you click on stuff here on my website and explore.  Then, contact me and let's discuss your specific needs.  Click the link below for my current CV/Resume.


Tel:  831 539 8707 (Pacific Time Zone)

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